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Participate in the Washapap Video Challenge

African Centre for Technology Studies together with Juakali Workforce have announced a low-cost blower video challenge, ‘Washapap’- Washa Jiko Shinda Chapaa. This competition will give technicians and students a chance to showcase their skills by building a low cost blower that saves energy when lighting a jiko. Participants stand a chance to win 10,000 KES and to have their profile on the Juakali blog.

How to participate:

Build a low cost Jiko blower,

Light a Jiko and use the blower to fan the charcoal,

Take a video of it

Share a 1 minute video with us on our Facebook page or tag us on twitter : @juakaliworkers, on email:, or on WhatsApp: +254727840840

Here is a link to a demo video